Lucky is a little poorly, so he’s not going out on walks.  Stella is loving the attention and has reverted back to being a naughty pup. As opposed to being a naughty middle aged dog.

We got back to the car, she dropped her ball and got in. It’s apparently my job to pick up a soggy dog-slobber covered ball and put it in the car. Delightful.
I made the mistake of moaning at her about it. No response. I got in the car, pulled off…and whack! A tail across the back of the head. A bit like a clip round the ear from your mum…only slightly more accurate and a lot more painful.

Stella is a bit of a law unto herself, more accurately, Stella’s tail is a law unto itself. In the summer we had the window open slightly in the back of the car. Lucky has the boot to himself, and Stella riverdances across the back seat shouting for the whole outwardbound journey. On the return journey she tends to sit like a human on the back seat and keep watch out of the window. Mainly because, due to Lucky’s wheels she can’t stretch out on the back seat. One day she was refusing to sit down, so we opened the window a little to give her enough space to poke her nose out, but not her whole head.

Quite why we spent the whole journey home with her tail wagging out of the window I have no idea…