Welcome to the Madhouse

Meet the inmates!!


Tatwo (pronounced Ta-two, not Tat-woh) is the ringleader. The naughty one. The mischievous one. The cheeky one. The one whose name seems to pop up with far more frequency than any other.  Unsurprisingly he was the first to learn his name…

Midnight, a dark tortoiseshell, is a feisty and confusing cat.  She can purr and growl…at the same time!  When she comes home she miaows “hello”…literally.  It freaks people out to hear a cat say hello. It freaks me out that she purrs while I fuss her, then punches with her claws out.

Tickles…everybody knows Tickles.  He NEVER. EVER. EVER. SHUTS. UP….!! He is very tall, very long and Siamese in shape and vocal chords. He’s territorial, a bully to every cat in the world, and loves dogs, to the point that Stella got punched in the face until she kissed him.

Titch.  Where to start?  Titch is well known in our village, mainly for being the third dog on our walks… He moans the whole way round, squares up to other dogs and is generally a total liability outside of the house.  He likes to try and smother me in my sleep.

TC is a very gentle cat who was nearly killed by person unknown.  Had I known who broke his jaw, fractured his skull and cut his throat, several friends of mine would have offered to return the favour.  He has been left with a permanent dribble, and loves to share that with me by wiping it all over me, or shaking his head and spraying me with it. He is the bigger of the two twins, Titch being smaller by size and name.

Summer.  The only cat not in the litter.  She attached herself to Midnight in the rescue in Cyprus, came over…and they’ve hated each other ever since. Sumer is mummy’s girl (for girl read totally spoiled favourite).  She cuddles up in the same way my previous cat Tinker did, and I can’t help but think there was a word put in ‘upstairs’ to bring her to me. Blind in one eye and over 6kg, she’s got the tiniest, squeakiest miaow I’ve ever (not) heard.