Game on…

Me:  Stella

Stella: Yes Mum?

Me: Why is there a ball in the bathroom?

Stella: Because Gran said to get it out of her bedroom…

Stella, bless her heart, is happiest out on a walk with a football in her mouth. She’ll quite happily chase everyone else’s ball…with hers still in her mouth. Today I thought it was still a little too cold to take Lucky out, as he’s still a bit poorly. Stella was frantically trying to find a ball when I told her, then she stuck her head under the tv unit. She seemed most surprised to be told I wasn’t taking a teddy out on a walk….

Sting in the tail…

Lucky is a little poorly, so he’s not going out on walks.  Stella is loving the attention and has reverted back to being a naughty pup. As opposed to being a naughty middle aged dog.

We got back to the car, she dropped her ball and got in. It’s apparently my job to pick up a soggy dog-slobber covered ball and put it in the car. Delightful.
I made the mistake of moaning at her about it. No response. I got in the car, pulled off…and whack! A tail across the back of the head. A bit like a clip round the ear from your mum…only slightly more accurate and a lot more painful.

Stella is a bit of a law unto herself, more accurately, Stella’s tail is a law unto itself. In the summer we had the window open slightly in the back of the car. Lucky has the boot to himself, and Stella riverdances across the back seat shouting for the whole outwardbound journey. On the return journey she tends to sit like a human on the back seat and keep watch out of the window. Mainly because, due to Lucky’s wheels she can’t stretch out on the back seat. One day she was refusing to sit down, so we opened the window a little to give her enough space to poke her nose out, but not her whole head.

Quite why we spent the whole journey home with her tail wagging out of the window I have no idea…



Tricky rewards…

Stella and Lucky get taught ‘tricks’ to earn their rewards. Stuff like sit, stay, speak, paw, hi-5. And kiss. Stella is almost good at kiss. She kind of headbutts my chin. Lucky needs to learn that when I say ‘kiss’ I am NOT expecting a French kiss…. NO tongue Lucky!!!

Nailed it!

Ok folks, I’ve been holding back on some news about Lucky for a couple of days. I was under treatment for shock.

Lucky let me….drum roll please….LET ME CUT HIS NAILS!!!!

Lucky is paranoid about having any of his feet touched, to let me cut his nails is a HUGE step forward. Now to stop him trying to eat the bits that fly off….!!!!

Fair weather friend…

Lucky has been a bit under the weather and I’ve been quite worried. He even turned his nose up at food, and we all know how much he likes his grub! He didn’t eat the electrician when he came back to finish off work. He was quite excited by a loony dog who was charging around instead of scared. AND….he even let me clip a couple of his nails (only two mind)!

As you can imagine, I’ve been very worried…

Today he had new food which he ate at the speed of light, he’s told every cat in the house off, even the ones who weren’t doing anything, he told a car off for going past him too quickly and has stolen all the cat food.

That’s what we call ‘normal service resumed’… 😀

We are munchkins…

Hello everybody!

We are tricking Mummy!! We eat half of our food…and then we swap!

That means we each get half boring and half nice food!

Mummy’s very silly, she hasn’t noticed!

Lots of love

Stella and Lucky xx


Hello everyone

For some bizarre reason, the dogs have decided to swap bowls halfway through their meal. They seem to think they are having the best of both worlds.

I feed them both the same food….

Muppets, that’s what they are.


Kay x

Jog on mate…

Two dogs, one jogger, one narrow path through the holly bushes.

What’s a man to do?

Avoid the fluffy monster who wants to bite him bum and take his legs from under him?

Or avoid the off-lead GSD merrily chasing after him for a race?

Strangely enough, when we met him at the other side of the woods, he shouted he was approaching…and gave us all a very wide berth…

No idea why 😀

Splash it all over…

So, two smelly dogs in the house.  What to do? I know! I’ll give them a bath…

Lucky, being disabled, is quite easy to handle. He’s light enough to pick up (just) and he can’t climb out of the bath.  That’s not to say he doesn’t try, but I only have one end to hang on to, and that makes life considerable easier.

The downside to him not being able to get himself out of the bath is, of course, Mum has to lift him out. When he’s wet. And wriggly. And so grateful to be out of the bath, that he’s giving me kisses all over my face and I can’t see where I’m going….

So one wet dog, one wet Mum and one dry towel because Mum missed the landing spot for the wet wriggly one and stuck him on the carpet instead.  Oops.

The next task was to bath Stella. I must admit I chickened out of it for a long time, and with perfect Stella timing, I managed to con her into going into the bathroom.  AFTER I’d cleaned the bath.  Conning her into the bath was not going to happen, not even getting in it myself helped. With a withering look reserved for idiots, she flattened against the floor.  Getting a 35kg dog into the bath was never on the Krpyton Factor, and there’s probably a very good reason for that. Health and Safety for one. Or is that two? Either way, she wasn’t going in…


Modern method for getting a dog into a bath…

Front legs in bath. Fab, doing well here. Bend to pick back legs up…front legs out of bath and running across bathroom, with shrieking woman still hanging on to back legs. And repeat. Several times. Then, by pure fluke, get front legs in bath, wedge back legs to out side of bath with your knee. Shout NO! a lot. Grab back legs and wrestle dog into bath. Grab collar. Realise the only way to reach the shower pull you forgot to pull before wrestling dog is only reachable by a) letting go of dog or b) stretching so far you pull a muscle and nearly strangle the dog.  Do NOT let go of the dog.  Keep dog entertained/confused by alternating between a bath (using a jug to wet them) and a shower (to rinse them off) and alternating the sit/stay and stand/stay command. Whichever command is used, be sure to follow up with “…there you little *insert expletive of choice*…


And that is how the bathroom walls got washed today 😀


Soaking it up…

Lucky has had a bath….

Never again…. I’m soaked, the bathroom is soaked, the floor is soaked…

And the onesie I bought him doesn’t fit!!! But can I get it off him??? nooooooo. So, if anyone wonders why he has three legs in a onesie, it’s because he said so, ok?!

Stella’s gotchya day…

Hello everyone!

Today is Stella’s Gotcha Day. She adopted Mum 2 years ago today. We had CAKE! I love it! It’s liver cake and Stella chomped a big bite out of it Mum said it wasn’t fair, she was holding the camera, holding me back and fighting off Tatwo and Summer…but they’re CATS!! Why are they eating our liver cake?! They’re very norty!

Lots of love

Lucky x