About Me

I’m a busy mum, I work, I have what is known as a ‘mini zoo’, my life is chaotic, disorganised, untidy….and I love it.


As of October 2012 I became self-employed. I may sack myself for lack of production 😀

I am slowly (bit too slowly) learning to craft and sew. I am learning I hate upcycling furniture, which is a shame as I have a garage full of stuff to do up.  Follow my work (in progress mostly…) on Facebook..    www.facebook.com/pages/Kitsch-by-Kay

I also do a fab Dr Doolittle impression, working as an animal communicator. See my work on Facebook…  www.facebook.com/KaysCommunicationPage

It is interesting work, sometimes very amusing, sometimes very heartbreaking, sometimes uplifting. I love doing this, and I love being able to help animals. Finally I have found my calling, although I’ve always done it with my own pets on a one-way basis, being able to hear what they want to tell me is so wonderful.  Although when you tune into your dog on walks to find out what she’s thinking, it’s a bit of a shock to hear her humming muzak 😀

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